Descriptions 4 You

The new descriptions are created in CK Editor so you can use adding tables and images to make your description attractive.

The new descriptions can be stored separately, it means you can have additional description to original one or you can simply replace original descriptions by new Descriptions 4 You.

The Descriptions 4 You allows you to create description for particular module as well as global description templates, so you can create one global template and use it everywhere in vtiger CRM and save time with additional description formatting

Descriptions 4 You benefits:

  • Supported for all modules
  • Supports images, tables and other text formatting
  • Additional description to original description
  • Easy using Descriptions templates Pick list
  • Usable for Terms & Conditions
  • Usable for Custom text area fields
  • Integration option
  • Works with PDF Maker & Email Maker
  • Vtiger 7.x/6.x compatible
  • Included in our packages: Mini, Extended, All Access

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Manual for Descriptions 7.x

Manual for Descriptions 6.x

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