• Your page does not use SSL. Is it secure to buy your plugins? +

    If you pay via credit cards directly on your website, you definitely need SSL to encrypt credit card information for your customers. However, this does not mean you need it on your entire site; you can choose to use, for example, SSL only on a store or treasure site (your payments go throw secured connection). If you use PayPal to receive payments, you do not need SSL because customers do not directly provide information to you.
  • How can I change password to your shop? +

    If you need to change password to our shop and customer portal please visit: support.it-solutions4you.com and there is option to change your password.
  • How can I pay and what payment methods do you accept? +

    You can pay for all orders using the following cards:
    You can pay with your PayPal account or we accept a Bank/Wire Transfer too
  • Can I have a trial version of your Extensions first? +

    We are sorry, but because of .php code, No. You can see our demo and check the functionality http://demo6.vtigercrm.sk before buy.
    You can also create a FREE TRIAL account in our VT4You Cloud CRM to check all our extensions and enhancement.
    You can also download a FREE version of some our Extensions.
  • How do you deliver product licenses? +

    Software product licenses are delivered by Email. Each license certificate specifies the licensee, the licensed product and includes license keys that unlock the software. Shipment will take place after payment has been received:
    Credit Card, PayPal: delivery immediately
    Bank/Wire Transfer: It usually takes 2-5 days for a transferred amount
  • Can I use my license on 2 installations at the same time? +

    Yes, This license gives the holder right to install our Extensions on ONE productive vtiger CRM installationm and ONE develop vtiger CRM installation for unlimeted users
  • Where do I download a new version? +

    Please login into Eshop and visit the download page where you can download the latest version of our Extension
  • Does my license qualify for a free upgrade? +

    Yes, Licenses allows you free upgrades to all versions released during the subscription term. Our customers can download the latest verion for current version of vtiger CRM from our downloading page for free. We inform our customers about new version per Emial and in vtiger CRM forum
  • I completed my online order and received payment confirmation. When will I receive my license? +

    Online orders paid with Credit Card or PayPal are delivered immediately. Using Bank/Wire Transfer usually takes 2-5 days for a transferred amount
  • I did not receive a license. Where is my license?? +

    You can find license and software in Eshop. Let's try to find out what happened.
    - First, please check your payment confirmation to make sure that payment transaction for your order was completed
    - If your payment went through successfully, check the email address specified in your order. If it is correct, there might be some discrepancy in your order and you should contact us to verify your order status. If your email address appears to be wrong, please contact us to edit your order details
    - If you find out that your online payment failed, place another order or contact us for information on alternative payment options
  • What additional services are available? +

    Buying our extension you have the right to support. Please note that every extension contains a certain number of credits (1C = 15 min support). Support in excess of credits is charged out by our price list
  • What versions is my license valid for? +

    The version of vtigerCRM (5.x or 6.x) that your license is valid for is specified in your license certificate. To check your license details visit our Eshop
  • Should I pay VAT? +

    Orders from outside of EU are not subject to VAT. If you are a EU resident with a valid VAT ID, you are also VAT exempt. Otherwise orders are subject to VAT. After we receive your order, we are obligated to confirm the validity of your VAT ID on official site: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/
  • How does a customer get his/her license certificate when purchasing from a reseller? +

    We deliver immediately license key to our reseller and the reseller then forwards the certificate to the customer.
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