Calculate Fields - extension for vtiger CRM

Calculate Fields - better overview of your business

for vtiger CRM is the tool which allows calculating values for numbered fields. The unique feature of our tool is that the calculation for particular fields is based and provided on fields of the related modules and defined filters for these modules. This makes this tool powerful and flexible to provide a lot of various business indicators. The usage of this tool is simple and requires only basic knowledge of the vtiger CRM custom fields and filters/custom views creation.

The Calculate Fields 4 You benefits are:

  • supported mostly inside all vtiger modules as well as custom modules
  • provides sum, avg, min, max, count values
  • automatic calculations using scheduler
  • calculation based on fields from related modules
  • using standard vtiger functionalities (filters, custom fields)
  • your own already created filters can be used for calculated fields
  • unlimited number of calculated fields
  • compatible with vtiger 5.4.0 and vtiger 6.x also vtiger 6.4

CRM vtiger 6 extension | Calculate Fields 4 You

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Calculate Fields Manuals

Download manual for Calculate Fields and read more about our extension: Manual for vtiger 6.x

Manual for vtiger 5.x

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