Email Maker FAQ

How can I migrate to latest vtiger CRM version with installed Email Maker extension ?

  1. Please Deactivate your License key before mirgation
  2. After successful migration to latest vtiger CRM version, our extension is disabled
  3. Go to Setting->Module manager and choose Custom Modules tab (for vtiger CRM 5.x)
  4. Find our Email Maker extension and enable it
  5. Download our compatible release version with your vtigerCRM version from our download center
  6. Upgrade our extension using Modul Manager and follow installation steps
  7. In case of some problem with license key, click on “Reactivate license“ button. You will be requested to insert your license key and your license should be reactivated

For more informations, please read our pdf manual


  • If we purchase the product now, then we will receive the updates too ? +

    Yes, our customers can download the latest verion of Email Maker for current version of vtiger CRM 5.x or 6.x from our downloading page for free. We inform our customers about new version of Email Maker per Emial and vtiger forum.
  • Can I use Email Maker extension with modified vtiger CRM ? +

    Yes, our Email Maker extension version for vtiger CRM 5.2.1 and higher is full Modul Manager compatible, so you can install it without any problems and without overwrite any vtiger core files.
  • Can I use custom fields in Email Template ? +

    Email Maker allows you to use all standard and all custom fields created with Layout editor.
  • How can I upgrade Email Maker to latest version ? +

    The Email Maker is extension for vtiger CRM. You can upgrade it like other extensions thru Modulemanager.
  • With which version of vtiger CRM is Email Maker compatible ? +

    At the time our Email Maker is compatible with vtiger CRM 521, 530, 540 and 6.x.
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